New Car Trends Taking Over the Automotive World

New Car Trends Taking Over the Automotive World

Undergoing a drastic transformation, the automotive world is poised to redefine the word “Car” in the upcoming years. The Traditional Automobile features that were pitched to make the car look great have been replaced by the Breadth of innovation that has become available in the past few years.

Consider just the interior dashboard for e.g. up till now, it had a staple design with only a few infotainment options and probably had airbags hiding behind it, but fast forward to 2017, that very interior dashboard has now become a potential real estate, where automakers and tech firms are trying to redefine the words “Safety” & “Entertainment”, by fitting them with ambitious and highly innovative enhancements every day.

This interior dashboard can now have infotainment options, rear and aerial view mounted cameras, cruise controls & adaptive driving options and even an autonomous driver. And that’s just the dashboard, the car has hundreds of components and each one of those is ready for a redefined or additional functionally to be retrofitted on to it. The options are now endless on what wheels can carry.

The result of all these factors combined together is spectacular, awe invoking, highly modern car trends that can stand to amaze even the most cynical and skeptical of onlookers.

Below are the most interesting and hotly awaited trends that will be taking over the automotive world in the upcoming years:

Almost Autonomous Cars:

The idea of a car plying down a highway with no one occupying the helm or the steering would have been immensely scary for an onlooker even a few years ago, but fast forward to 2017 and self-driving cars have become a tantalizing reality that will unfold itself over time.

These self-driving cars are not just technological marvels, but they hold the potential to bring in unprecedented changes in economic and social value. If these autonomous cars make it to the roads of today completely, they promise global yearly savings to the tune of $5.6 trillion by eliminating driver wages and drastically reducing other related costs like insurance.

Nearly every major car and tech firm is vying to bring this technology to the roads first and some really fascinating progress in this regard has been made already.

Waymo, Google’s self-driving car arm, has been recently involved in teaching its car’s autonomous systems on how to “listen” and react to the sound of oncoming emergency and law enforcement vehicles that might be out of the view of the car’s lidar. A Self Driving Truck, powered by Otto, Uber’s self-driving trucks & cars arm, drove 132 miles without requiring direct human intervention, last October. Self-driving cars and trucks are a fast oncoming reality and much will depend on who is the first one to complete its full sets of testing to make it a commercially viable entity before anyone else. The race is on furiously, which makes it a sure shot, top trend to look out for in the automotive industry in the years to come.

Powering “The Driver” Focused Experience:

Cars have had radios and music systems coming retrofitted straight from the OEMs for as long as we can remember. But that was just about it when it came down to the “Options” available to the driver or rider concerned. However, this doesn’t ring true anymore as the car’s interior is now a hotly contested real estate arena, where every automaker and tech firm is trying to bring the ultimate intelligent human machine interactive experience.

With massive amounts of data available to power the best UX design possible, tailored to meet the consumer’s exact expectations, Heads up display or augmented reality within cars or primarily on car’s windscreens, is a trend that is certainly one to look for in the upcoming years.

Luxury cars like the ones produced recently by Daimler AG & BMW AG, already have their customized heads up display options and the industry looks poised to integrate this option further in the lower end to middle-end models in the upcoming times, as the cost of related technology gets cheaper by the day.

This option could provide the user with real time information on traffic updates, news, and weather and also work on entertainment options like turning the entire windscreen into a cinema for the riders. This trend is surely poised to develop further as more and more automakers try to woo the more tech savvy consumer base.

Losing Oil Fast:

Global warming and climate change are on a lot of conscious consumer’s minds when they are about to make their next automobile purchase and the automotive industry hasn’t failed to take notice of that.

Fossil fuels need to be phased out definitely, but what should we replace them with? The answer is new, rising trend of cars powered by alternate fuel technologies.

Tesla, the revolutionary leader in electric car technology, recently unveiled its first mass market electric powered vehicle, the Model 3 and the firm is currently leading the industry in the U.S with the highest amount of electric vehicles sold.

Other forms of alternate fuel have also shown promising signs with one of the most promising ones among them being the hydrogen fuel cell technology. This pioneering technology, which makes use of the fact that hydrogen gas, despite being highly flammable, doesn’t get burnt and instead can be mixed with oxygen to produce electric current to power an onboard fuel stack on the car, will help sell around 22.2 million cars by the end of 2032. Alternate fuel is definitely the need of the hour and with most countries in the world banning the use of oil based vehicles after a certain period of time, expect this trend to remain hot and develop major breakthroughs exponentially in the next few years.

The automotive landscape is certainly changing and it’s not just driven by the recent speed at which technology has gone on to the next level, it owes its progress to partly the new trends emerging in associated fields due to unique demands. For e.g. There has been a very big issue plaguing the trucking industry for some time now i.e. driver shortage and these firms have been trying hard to revamp their recruitment strategies to make them more tech oriented, but results have been less encouraging and this trend makes the push for autonomous trucks far greater than it could have been if not for this driver shortage problem seeming to hand around indefinitely.

Trends definitely come and go and are more like fashion fads that recede after initial excitement fades away until these trends are backed by really important problems that demand a unique solution fast. And with a lot of complexity facing the global business, political and social environment in recent years, expect more surprising things to happen in the automotive industry because it was, it is and it always will be one of the most important tools that help make our lives a whole lot better.

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  1. Automakers are feeling charged up and ready to roll out electric and hybrid vehicle models than ever, with even more slated to come down in the next few years.

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