All that you Need to Know about GPS Trackers

All that you Need to Know about GPS Trackers

Why do you need to install a GPS tracking system in your vehicle, be it a personal one or a commercial transporter. Is it simply to know where your vehicle is round the clock? While the basic reason for fitting a device is surely this, incorporation of advanced technologies in GPS trackers have taken their utilities much beyond that.

A GPS tracker is like a person in the passenger seat informing of the location of the vehicle, whether it is running on pre-determined routes and even driving patterns like hard braking or fast turns. If you are a fleet owner and have installed these devices in your vehicles you can even monitor fuel consumption and whether maintenance issues have cropped up. By taking quick action you can reduce servicing costs and optimise operational efficiencies of your transport business.

For fleet owners, GPS devices have to be chosen after a lot of careful thought and after deciding the parameters for which data is required by you. It will include the type of vehicles, the number of vehicles in your fleet and the driver information and driving patterns that you need to know. You will also have to pay monthly fees and certain upfront charges for the fleet GPS tracker software so this too should be a factor in your ultimate choice. The more features you opt for, the more expensive will the trackers be.

There is another aspect to be considered too. Fleet drivers are often wary of operating vehicles with GPS devices because they consider it to be an invasion of their privacy. It then becomes the responsibility of the fleet owner to educate the drivers and highlight the many advantages of a GPS device apart from the monitoring aspect. One of them is that information of any accident in a remote and isolated portion of a highway will be quickly transmitted to the person tracking the vehicle and the local authorities can be speedily alerted to it. Further, tracking devices can also act as a guide to drivers on how to improve their driving skills.

It is not only sophisticated fleet tracking devices that are in the market, there is a bonanza for car owners too. Cheap tracking devices for cars are in no way less feature rich than the technologically advanced GPS fleet trackers.

Consider the features of such a device –

  • Security – It helps to keep you precious asset safe and secure. By being able to track it round the clock you can avoid the possibility of theft.
  • Quick setup – There is no prolonged installation process and you do not have to take your car to a certified garage or service station to have it fitted. Simple plug it in the electrical system and you are ready to go.
  • Driver monitoring – On your car tracking system, get updated reports of driving patterns such as fast acceleration, mileage, sudden braking and when your car has arrived at the destination.
  • Additional security – If you find that your vehicle has moved away from the area it is supposed to be in or notice some suspicious activity, you can use the “immobiliser” option in the GPS software and remotely make the vehicle stop.

These are some of the advantages you get by installing GPS trackers in your vehicles.

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