Avalanchi Lake – Best Lake to visit in Ooty

No matter what big shopping malls, multiplex theaters, and theme parks, there is nothing to do with the joy that comes naturally in our minds. It is necessary to make occasional trips to enjoy the warmth of the green Mother Nature, breathing clean air. Where can we go? It is one of the few lovely places that still remain in the forest that has turned into concrete forests since the British era. Let’s go for a trip to this lake that has all the special features of the most beautiful place in India.

Lake Achankovil, It is located at a distance of 28 km from the Queen of the Mountains. This is why it is the best tourist destination for travelers to visit this place than other places of the niche.

The Aalanjadi Lake is part of the catchment area that was built for the Kunda Hydroelectric Project. There is a small forest and meadows surrounded by tea gardens and trees.

Avalanchi means sudden steep slopes or avalanches in English. It is said that this was the place where the great Avalanche took place in the year 1809.

When running through the grasslands and playing breathing, you can feel how much toxins smoke every day when it feels the enthusiasm.

A rare breed of fish brought from New Zealand by British soldiers named Trout Fish beyond Avalanchi Lake and photography. The equipment is available for rent near the lake.

There are some places to stay in and out of this lake. You can set up a dent in them. The favorite trout fish in the bait will be cooked in the night and the fire is lit.

Traveling on the floating lake Rappangi Lake can be done by trekking in dense forests surrounding the lake.
This is a wonderful place to visit with friends or family during the weekend. When it comes here, it is necessary to avoid naturally harmful plastic materials

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Latest news on Avalanchi Lake

The southwest monsoon continues in Nilgiris district. Thus the soil is always moist. In the rain, roadside trees are unable to survive the wind.

Three trees fell on the road in Kotakandi area on Ettakadu-Avalanchi road near Ooty yesterday due to rains and fell across the road. Because of which traffic was affected.

The state bus and vehicles coming from Utharadu, Emerald, Kotagandi, were unable to go through that route.

Highways department headed by Chief Minister Murugan informed that the highway officials were going to the scene and cut down trees. The wooden poles were removed from the road by the giant machines.

The soil erosion-Avalanchi road that has been struck out of the farmland by continuous rainfall is more than 1½ km away in Kotagandhi. This makes the road sloping and sloping.

Though cut down and falling trees in the area, there is no way to drive vehicles due to the soil lying on the road. With the help of 3 giant machines with highways, the soil is being removed.

A tree fell into the Dodabetta-Sinkona road and fell across the road. Information about the firefighters went to the scene and cut the Ewald tree and cut it off. A tree standing on the North Lake Road fell on an electric line. Thus the alternator in the inner park was tilted. The Forest Department cut out the fallen tree. Electricity workers adjusted the alternating tilt by the crane.

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