Benefits of Massage

Massage: It is not only a tradition that has existed for centuries but it is a science, the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Massage gives us a lot of energy. Our body remains fit. Stress is low. The mind is calm and happy. As much as exercise is necessary for our body, the equally necessary body massage is also there.

Massage is the transmission of new energy in our body muscles and their age also increases.In the old days, especially during the times of King Maharaj, massage was done on a regular basis, due to which both the mind and the mind were healthy and happy. When a person’s heart is happy, then there is full enthusiasm and enthusiasm in doing any work.

Let’s know today about the benefits associated with massage:

massage benefits

What are the benefits of massage:

There are innumerable romance shells in our body. The dirt of the body goes out from these pores, as well as the outside shit also comes in. If we take a bath with regular massage, then it opens up by cleansing these pores. Regular massage of the body leads to blood circulation smoothly.

  • Our blood pressure from the owner helps in keeping blood pressure normal.
  • Massage reduces our anxiety and stress. Head massaging occurs in the brain.
  • Nervous system gets stimuli from the owner and its work is also smoothly.
  • By doing daily massage, our skin remains healthy, soft and tidy. Oil massage keeps the glow on our skin for a long time, skin color opens. And the wrinkle does not come quickly, due to which the old age remains away. Massaging can also be avoided due to many skin related diseases, because massage is good for blood transfusion.
  • Massage maintains flexibility in our joints. If we want to avoid knee pain in old age then we should start massaging on a regular basis. The knees should be massaged by spherical and thumb pressure.
  • Massaging the feet increases blood pressure in the feet, and also reduces the fatigue of the feet. With daily massage of the legs, it is easy to remove the stiffness, stiffness, and jar of the skin.
  • If we do massage while sleeping at night, then we get a deep sleep.
  • Regular massage results in the functioning of the body’s metabolism smoothly, as well as the ability to spread and shrink the muscles. The massage stimulates the digestive tract, liver, small intestine and other glands, so that they can do their work properly.
  • Regular massage of the body also increases the body’s immune system. And light injuries have no effect on the body and pain is also less.
  • Massage makes the body beautiful and stiff. Massage helps in reducing excess body fat. Whose weight is low, the muscle increases the weight by massaging the muscles.
  • Stomach massage daily helps in reducing stomach fat and also get rid of indigestion, constipation, gas etc. The digestive system remains correct. Massage the stomach in a spherical manner by taking oil in the hands with the back of the back for about 3 minutes daily.
  • Many children are weak in walking, if they properly massage them daily for a long time and keep them in a light sun, then their feet get stronger. Visit Angel body spa for taking body to body massage in Bangalore.

What to do during massage

  • Massage should be clean, airy, calm. The result of a concentration massage is good. There is a new consciousness, energy, strength in the body.
  • Always do body massages and lie down. Also massage the massage from the bottom to the top.
  • Massage every day for about 20 to 30 minutes. Those who can not perform mass massage every day, they should definitely massage once a week.
  • About half an hour after massage, take bath.
  • There should be a gap of about 3 hours between massaging and eating. Do not massage immediately after eating food. The morning is best for massage, if not, then you can do any massage at any time.
  • Winters should be massaged in open light sunshine and summer shade.
  • Do not massage the person suffering from fever or any other disorder.
  • While massage, leave your body loosely. If you are massaging your hands, then with light pressure.
  • There should be a massage for about 5 minutes on each organ, then only good benefits will be found.

In this way you can take advantage of massage benefits and keep your body healthy. Today, people of western countries are making a huge advance to our own massages and earn millions of dollars in the name of the spa. We should be proud of our Ayurvedic knowledge and take full advantage of it.

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