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Fragrance Etiquette for the Modern Men

Fragrance Etiquette for the Modern Men

Not only  just women, but men need to smell good too. Women love being with men who not only look good but smell good too. They love the faint smell of woody pine or the rocky mountain air around the men. A man who wears a fragrance shows that he has made an effort to present himself properly. Moreover, wearing the right fragrance can boost the confidence level within you.

Although there are countless choices for men’s fragrances in the market today, most men are still not aware of the difference between Eau de parfum, cologne or eau de toilette. They are not confident about what perfume to wear on a date or which fragrances work best for office. And it is no surprise to see men still ignorant of the terminology. As a matter of fact, your confidence in different occasion depends a lot on the perfume you wear. Men seem to be ignorant about the fact that scents and perfumes have a great impact on our sensory nerves and can control the mood of one. They still fumble on which perfume bottle to buy and how to wear the fragrance or avoid overusing it.

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Fragrance Etiquette for the Modern Men

Understanding the Fragrance

Fragrances or perfume terms are used in many forms and by different names such as Cologne, Parfum, Eau Fraiche and more.  These are generic terms used for perfume, which is an alcohol-based liquid. The oils remain on the skin and carry the fragrance as the alcohol evaporates. While Cologne is the oldest term for perfume, Eau Fraiche is the most diluted version of the fragrance. Toilette is a light spray composition, and the Latin phrase for fragrance is Parfum, which is the most concentrated and expensive of all fragrances.

These perfumes and fragrances vary based on the percentage of perfume oils in alcohol and water in the cologne bottle that could be about 1-3% or 5-15%. Depending on the composition, the perfume essence can last for less than an hour or for more than three hours. These basics are real important for anyone, before  buying one of these.

Fragrance Etiquette for the Modern Men

Aftershave, Cologne or Eau de Toilette?

Now that you are aware of the difference between cologne and aftershave and the fragrance strengths use your knowledge to choose the right product. Eau de parfum is the strongest followed by eau de toilette and eau de cologne. Aftershave is the mildest form of fragrance. If you want the fragrance to linger on the skin, then go for Eau de toilette.

The unspoken rules of the fragrances

Just buying a fragrance and applying it to the skin is not enough. You should know the right way of doing things, especially if you want to be perceived by others in a certain way. There are some rules of the fragrances that need to be followed. Firstly, use only a subtle amount of perfume. Secondly, where you’re applying is important. When you apply, sprinkle a little fragrance from the perfume bottle on the inside of your wrists, at the base of your neck and on your chest. The secret lies in using the right amount of perfume, where you apply and how you apply.

Taking out the right cologne bottle for the right occasion

When it comes to watering fragrances, don’t just dab on any perfumes.  Choose the fragrance carefully and as per the occasion to add that extra dimension to your personality. The right fragrance will help you boost your confidence and personality. Here are some guidelines that can help you keep on the right track.

  • For your first date, make the right impression with an overpowering smelling cologne and show off who you are with confidence.
  • Keep it toned down for a summer wedding and go for a light citrus scent that will keep you smelling fresh and cool the whole day long.
  • A spicy, heavier scent works perfectly for partying and clubbing at night. Let the scent disguise any unwanted smells and keep you fragrant through the night.
  • When interviewing for a position, it is a good idea to skip any fragrance altogether and focus on your skills and not the fragrance.

Taking care of the fragrance bottle

Fragrances come in many different kinds as well as bottle sizes. It is a good idea to stick to the smaller bottles as you can never be sure how long it will last and how will it change with time. Rapid heat fluctuations and temperatures can break apart the molecules in a fragrance and impact the lifespan of the fragrance. Store the perfume bottle in a cold, dark and dry place away from heat and sunlight.

Beauty tips for bride before 2,3 or 6 month of marriage:

Now that you’re done with the easy part, the engagement, it’s time to move one prepping the big day. Pre-wedding preparations are challenging, and all brides-to-be are stressed out.

Rather than become the next bridezilla and freak out over the most insignificant issues that might come along the way, it’s better to take things one step at the time.

Every bride should take care of her beauty before 2 or 3 or even 6 months before marriage.

How do you look amazing for your wedding day without over-thinking every aspect of your wedding? It all starts with looking after your body ahead of time. Your body should become a top priority.

Your aim should be to have a beautiful white smile, a flawless complexion, gorgeous hair, and a toned body.

How do you make it happen? In the following lines we’ll detail all the steps you need to take to look fantastic on your big day.

Beauty tips for bride before marriage:

Take advantage of the wonders of retinol:

Begin applying Retinol on your skin with at least 9 months before the big day. Since it is derived from a potent vitamin (namely vitamin A), retinol boosts cell turnover; it unclogs pores, and helps prevent hyper pigmentation.

As soon as you’re done chiseling your complexion and upper body (namely neck and V-line), move on getting rid of red bumps on your arms and back. Your skin has to look flawless because your wedding dress is most likely white; and revealing. Scrubbing can help; invest in a product that contains natural ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, baking soda, and honey.

Hair color
Beauty tips for bride

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to your hair you shouldn’t exaggerate with the hair. Stay within 2 shades darker/lighter from your natural hair color. If you still want to do a test, and try something completely new and different; doing it will at least 6 months before the big event. This way, your hair will have enough time to regenerate; and if you don’t like the cut or hairstyle, you can easily dye your hair again (but this time, in your natural color) without taking any other foolish risks. Simple is always better – it is a universal trend that will never fade away.

Eyebrow care and grooming

 Your eyebrows matter just as much as your hair color and hairstyle. If the shape is not really what you want for the day of the wedding, prepare your brows in advance. Let them grow naturally for a couple of months, and then head to the salon for a natural re-shaping procedure. In extreme circumstances, the arch can easily take up to 6 months to change; it’s better to start as soon as possible.

Exercise to tone your body

It’s time to get serious about your workout routine. Do it with at least 6 months before the big day if you want to see results. Don’t aim at losing weight; work hard to tone your body as well. Begin with exercises you enjoy doing, like cardio, aerobic, pilates; move on to weights to strengthen your muscles and look fabulous in a strapless dress. It’s very important to commit, and make time to hit the gym at least 3 times per week.

Body care

Now that your body looks like a million dollars, it’s time to hit the salon for a full LED treatment or IPL. LED sessions help deal with rosy cheeks and redness; whereas an IPL treatment is a permanent hair removal procedure. It all sounds great, but if you want results, make sure to start with at least 3 months before the big event.

Last but not least, get a final facial massage and treatment with 1 week before the wedding. Clear away toxins, chemicals, and other imperfections that might interfere with your makeup. For the best results, use daily toners and an oil free moisturizer to hydrate your complexion, and keep it in top shape.

We understand that planning a wedding and looking after your body is stressful. But there’s no reason to panic if you start in advance. Enjoy the process, and find the time to relax. You deserve it!

These are some important tips for bride before marriage. Share your beauty tips on comment box.