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Business Casual Attire for Men: 5 Key Elements & Dress Code explained

When we are looking to go somewhere, we always get confused for the dress that we should wear for it.

This happens a lot when we are heading towards something special like a wedding, reception or anything for that matter. However, it is actually the professional stage where things matter the most.

Our dressing style, sense, choice of clothes all depicts our character and personality in one way or the other.

The most important thing is to look appropriate with the shoes, clothes, and overcoats and be comfortable from inside. So, let us guide you to the 5 key elements of business casual attire.

  1. Getting the Color Code Right

The business formal demands the exact color of the items you wear like the matching tie, coat color only gray and blue against business casual. Moreover, the shirt should not be darker than the cream color. Also, you can wear anything which is not too flashy for your overcoat. The lighter the shirt color, the formal you look!

  1. Trench Coat or Blazer

If you want to relax, business casual is the best option. It is up to you whether you want to wear a blazer or not. It looks good professionally but wear it only if you are comfortable in it. A V-neck sweater or a cardigan is great if you like some of the overcoats already. A trench coat with a suit vest is another good option.

  1. Choosing the Overcoat Style

We greatly recommend men to opt for the classic cut, leaving behind duffle coats and parkas. Trench coat, mac or topcoats are the traditional overcoats for men. The only thing to keep in mind over here is that the colors should match with your selection. A khaki coat or a navy blue is a good option as black seems to be a bit too gloomy!

  1. Time For The Pants


No matter what you wear, your pants should be neat and well- pressed. Jeans and baggy chinos are a complete no. Black, brown, gray are the typical colors to choose from as there is hardly any space for red, light blue and green colors. Mid-risers should be preferred over low bottoms in order to maintain the shirt crease.

  1. Choosing Shoes and Accessories


Now here comes the last part. It is time to pay attention to the shoes and accessories. The Leather is the best partner of men comprising of classic men’s style-brogues, oxfords etc. There is no need to go for a very decorative piece and yes, do not forget the belt ever if you do not want to look sloppy. A good quality watch with a metal frame gives you a more refined look.

Final Words

These were some of the business casual attire styles that will help you shine out in the crowd and raise your confidence, eventually boosting your professional appeal. Apart from this, you can always experiment with some of the suitable items like tan leather shoes or checked trousers. Just make sure they are in compliance with the color of the trench coat in order to stay on the track.  Happy Dressing!

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