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Top 10 Common Tech Support Problems

Anyone who has a computer will encounter one problem or the other with it, which can cause a lot of confusion and frustration, depending on the end users expertise. While some of these problems may require professional help, many of them can actually be repaired by the user.

One of the first things you should do when troubleshooting a problem is restart the computer; though simple, it has proven to be effective at fixing a great many problems. Once the computer has finished rebooting, you’ll want to ensure the operating system is up-to-date with the latest security patches. In some cases, an error could be the result of an out-dated file or program. Windows Update should be on, and configured to automatically update your system.

If you have a hardware device that is playing up, then you should consider turning it off then back on. Faulty USB devices should be tried on a different USB port.

Now that I’ve gone over the basics, let’s deal with 7 of the most common PC problems.


  1. Email Attachments Don’t Open


If an attachment refuses to open, it’s probably because the program you need to open it is not present on your computer. What you want to do is carry out a Google search on the file type, there you should be able to find a number of programs that are designed to open it.


  1. Your Wi-Fi Connection Keeps Disconnecting


An intermittent Wi-Fi connection can be pretty difficult to tackle. You need to consider whether it’s your router, computer or ISP. I suggest you contact your ISP after you’ve exhausted all other options.


  1. System Keeps Restarting


The constant system restarts could be the result of a series of Windows Updates, which require your system to reboot. That’s the first thing you’ll want to do, make sure Windows Update is not running; if it is, you’ll just have to be patient.


Additionally, your system may be restarting due to a mechanical problem. Does your computer make unusual sounds? Is your system running hot? If your computer is relatively old, then maybe it is in need of dusting. To do that, just follow any computer clean-up guide. If you’re still getting problems, then you may want to try a malware scan.

Once you’ve tried everything, your last option should be to consult a professional.


  1. Getting Constant Pop-Ups


If you’re getting a lot of popup ads, even when you’re not surfing the internet, there is a good chance that your system is infected with Adware. These particular programs can be quite difficult to eliminate. You’ll want to run a full malware scan of your system, and carrying out any and all additional removal procedures, if need be.

 5. Printer Won’t Print


Assuming that your printer’s drivers are actually up-to-date, and that there’s enough ink in it, and you have paper. Then you’ll want to begin by turning the printer off and back on again. Then try unplugging it, then plugging it back in. Take a look at the print queue; you should be able to find this information in the same area as the Print Status. Here, you should be able to determine the current situation of your printer.


You want to ensure that your printer isn’t configured to Use Printer Offline. Sometimes, if you attempt to print something, while the printer is switched off, it can cause the operating system to set your printer to work offline, this invariably leads to stalled print jobs.


  1. Programs Won’t Run


Before you decide to consult a professional, the first thing you should do is make sure the software you’re trying to run is compatible with your operating system. Older programs may not work on the latest operating systems, such as Windows 8, a program created for Mac OS X will not work on a Windows based system. 32-bit programs will work on 64-bit operating systems, but the other way round, does not work.


If an online game crashes, it’s probably because you’re missing a required add-on or update. Most browsers will notify you, if you need to update it or any third-party plugins.


  1. Constant Security Warnings While Surfing


While this can prove to be a very annoying issue, fixing it has proven to be quite simple. All you need to do is ensure that your Windows clock is correct, along with the date. Just double click on the time, and make those necessary changes.







Car applications which control your vehicle and transform them into a brilliant auto

Innovation overwhelms people on each street

An auto is running out on the town with no driver while travellers are free and also conversing with each other. They don’t have the fear of accident either some other difficulty. Genuinely, it is an autonomous car. This is science, this is development.

Do you trust that in 1960’s kin have any implication of self-decision autos? Undoubtedly, it gives off the impression of being a joke and one of the inconceivability’s. Besides, now what we have for transportation is up till now incomprehensible. It isn’t just individuals anyway advancement drives vehicles to another level.

You don’t require autonomous autos with the end goal to appreciate innovation. There are such a huge number of applications with which your auto won’t remain a conventional vehicle. Notwithstanding you are Apple cell phone user or Android, all you require a shrewd PDA and internet service with acknowledge quality features and control the auto by your wireless.

What else you may have? Not just vehicle controlling and working features but rather additionally development offers various offices which help you a significant measure for tying down your vehicle and engaging while in the meantime driving. Here are few applications which change your conventional auto into a shrewd one.


Navdy is the most reasonable head-up presentation (HUD). It sits on the dashboard and associates into the OBD-II port. It imagines information, for example, speed, vehicle’s engine rpm, and transmit bearing on a reasonable screen in front of you, and applications worked in GPS and Google Maps to display the consolidating zone, show speed cut-off points and road names, and guide you to your endpoint.

It likewise interfaces with your Android or iOS cell phone by strategies for Bluetooth to display information including calls, messages, tunes, accounts and all strategy for the online presence of Facebook, Twitter and other web-based life and admonitions.

Access to this information generally controlled by a thumbwheel which associates with your driving wheel updated by development control which is begun by waving your hand in front of the gadget.

Mini Connected (iOS)

From different points of view, the BMW and Mini Connected iOS applications are re-stamped sorts of equivalent application with a couple sets that are one of a kind to the two yards. In any case, those refinements are satisfactorily important that we don’t feel like we are erroneous by calculating them two times.

The two applications let you get to the online life like Facebook and Twitter information from your dashboard, look at news and Web radio through your auto’s speakers, send Google Maps goal to your vehicle’s course system, keep examining by walking once you turn off your car engine, and check in by Foursquare when you reach.

The Mini Associated translation has a couple of exceptional highlights including a Vigorous Music mode that makes music dependent on your driving style and comportments. Drive quicker to join to the tune, approve your swing sign to add a cymbal to the blend.

There’s moreover a kind of possessing, sort of exasperating Mission Control highlight that offers your auto’s particular frameworks identities and welcoming voices.

OnStar RemoteLink (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)

Precisely when different people consider General Motors’ OnStar telematics advantage, they consider a little blue catch on the back view reflect, regardless, that is just a lone piece of the photo you have.

While the other half is the Link of sweet OnStar Remote. With this application, you can remotely close down and open your vehicle door, start and stop the engine of your auto, and boom the horn and flick the lights in order to find your ride in a swarmed area of parking.

A vehicle pioneer shows to you where your auto is on a guide this and in addition, you can moreover scan for finishes and send them to your vehicle’s OnStar structure for side by side street.

Precisely when overwhelmed with a gas controlled vehicle, you can see your gas levels and screen pneumatic stress in your auto’s tire from the application. Connect the application with a Chevrolet Volt and you can likewise screen the RE-EV’s battery status and manage your charging plan.

Blue Link (Android, iOS)

Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics framework is totally new, basically showing up on seven of the carmaker’s present line up of fourteen automakers.

From the application, the driver can flag their Hyundai’s horn, open and shut down its entryway, remotely begin the vehicle engine, and beam the headlights. You can likewise inspect concern of the drive for convertible and exchange to your vehicles one next to the other course system.

Leaf application (Android, iOS)

Dealing with your battery is extraordinary essential for an absolutely electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf, so Nissan has furnished each Leaf with its Carwings telematics alliance and give drivers enlistment to an application named Leaf impelled and present by Nissan for the line-up with that association.

Utilizing this Nissan Leaf application, clients can check their battery status and evaluated driving time, plan vehicle charging times to the superlative electrical charges or outperform a charging plan for smart charging.

Since utilizing the air authoritative framework inside and out impacts the Leaf’s range, the driver can, in addition, approve or plan the structure to work remotely, cooling or preheating the auto utilizing power from the framework.

Entune(Android, iOS)

With Bing worked in, Toyota’s Entune application lets channel for and spare endpoints on your mobile phone and access them in the wake of coming back to your vehicle. Support in-dash trade-off with Bing search for engages you to check the Web utilizing your PDA’s information connection for adjoining endpoints that may not be in the vehicle’s locally open database.

The OpenTable application and bargain let you hold a spot at near to coffee shops and demand the tickets of the film, independently, from your vehicle’s dashboard.

iHeartRadio enables you to stream adjoining radio stations from around the globe while Pandora Radio engages you to stream figuring made stations subject to your unequalled most adored tunes and vocalists.

Toyota’s Prius Plug-in’s Entune structure is intriguing in that it opens the capacity to deal with the vehicle’s charging, approve remote atmosphere controls, and find your car on a guide map.



Choosing the Right Windscreen Repair Company

Choosing the Right Windscreen Repair Company

A windscreen is one of the most important components of your car. It is meant to provide protection from wind and weather elements. A high quality of glass is used in the making of windscreens of cars to offer clear visibility and protection. But when your windscreen is cracked due to any reason, it needs utmost care and attention, so that you can get it repaired or replaced at the right time.

While choosing a windscreen repair company you need someone that who could repair your windscreen quickly at an affordable price. Whether you want to get it repaired or replaced, you never want to spend more than the value you get from the repair company. Most people do not know much about the glass windscreen repair agencies and what points to consider while choosing the best one.

Here are some important points you need to consider while choosing a company to get your windscreen repaired.

Look for Experience

This point may sound obvious to everyone looking to get his windscreen repaired looks for an experienced agency, but that doesn’t that the mechanic who will be assigned to your work has the required experience. A repair agency might have 50 years of experience but a mechanic working there may have a few months of experience. You should ask the agency for how long the mechanics have been working there and what experience they possess in windscreen repairing.

Read the reviews

It is important to read the online reviews of several windscreen repair companies in your area. You will come to know from the customer reviews which company is the best for windscreen repair and replacement. Even the best companies have some negative reviews. The point is that the positive reviews should be more than the negative reviews.

An important point while looking for reviews is that you should always read Google reviews, not the ones mentioned on the company’s own website. If a windscreen repair company has more than 90 percent positive Google reviews it can be considered among the best companies.

Ask for referrals

If you are new in a city and don’t know about the agencies which provide windscreen repairing services, you should ask your friends or colleagues. Asking for referrals could help you in choosing the best company and some agencies might offer you a discount because of the reference.

Price is important

Most people choose a windscreen replacement company on the basis of how much they charge for repair or replacement. However, this may not be the right way to choose a good service. Sometimes the agencies offering the lowest prices are the ones that provide low-quality services. If you are looking for an agency which offers cheap windscreen replacement, Brisbane, it’s better to first check the quality of services they provide. It is better to choose a company that offers good quality services at an average price.

Quality of Glass they use

The effectiveness of your windscreen depends on the quality of glass and materials used to fix it on your car. You windscreen material protects you from all the rocks thrown by the tires of other vehicles on the road.  So you should also consider the quality of glass they use while choosing a windscreen replacement company for your car. Make sure that the company uses high quality of glass which offers protection as well as clear vision in both day and night.

Pay attention to details

You should look for a windscreen repair company that pays attention to details. Replacing or repairing a windscreen is a complicated process. A small mistake in the process could prove as a high risk to life as the windscreen provides support to the structure of a car. You should always look for a company that pays attention to every small detail. For example, if your car is equipped with rain sensing technology, you should ask for a windscreen that is compatible with it and looks for an agency that provides the same.

Claims process with Insurance companies

Your windscreen replacement is covered by your car’s insurance company. You should look for an agency which has a partnership with your vehicle’s insurance company. Every windscreen repair agency is not a partner of your insurance company. So you should check the list of all the partner companies and choose one of them for your windscreen repair or replacement. This helps you to claim the amount you spend on the repair or replacement of your windscreen.

Author Bio

Stephen Charles is a renowned blogger, passionate to share amazing and helpful information with people on multiple niches. The Author of this post is a professional writer and cheap windscreen replacement brisbane expert. With a keen interest in automobiles, he writes about two-wheelers and all types of cars – hatchbacks, sedans, and SUV’s. In addition to writing articles he also writes forum postings, comments on blogs and vehicle reviews.

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