How to Choose Best Football Gloves for Beginners

Football Gloves
Football Gloves

Football gloves are one of the main elements of the outfit of a football goalkeeper.

Not only they protect their hands from damage, but also improve the fixation of the ball.

Correctly matched gloves, which are in good condition due to proper care, will serve the goalkeeper an excellent service during matches.

Learn how to choose the right gloves and look after them to demonstrate maximum effectiveness on the field.

Here are some best football gloves.

The main sizes of goalkeeper gloves.

To ensure that the goalkeeper does not feel uncomfortable and does his job successfully, the gloves must be of the right size. Improperly selected gloves will not only become a hindrance during the match but also will serve much less time.

Find the right size

To find the right size, you should measure your hands, but it is also imp09ortant to know the basic rules for selecting gloves for younger and older players.

For younger players: gloves of size 4 or 5 are designed for the smallest goalkeepers aged 7-9 years, using equipment for young children. Size 6 or 7 is suitable for children of medium or older age, 10-12 years old.

For senior players: size 7 gloves are designed for low-level adults or tall teens; Size 8 will suit an adult goalkeeper of low or medium height; Size 9 – for adult goalkeepers of medium height; Size 10 is designed for adult players of medium and high growth; Size 11 – for high goalkeepers; Size 12 is suitable for tall goalkeepers with very large hands.

You may go to the nearest sporting goods store to try on football gloves and size.

For maximum accuracy, you should know the size of the hand. For gloves to sit on your hands like pouches, you need to measure both hands, because their sizes may be different. Do not forget that the correct selection helps to prolong the life of gloves.

Measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm without a thumb and round this number to a larger value by converting centimeters to inches. Add to the resulting size of 1 inch.

All people have their left and right arm of different sizes. Measure both hands and order gloves to the size of the larger arm.

Selection of gloves is not an exact science because people have different hands. However, it should not be forgotten that different manufacturers can sew gloves of different sizes and qualities.

Goalkeeper gloves should be slightly larger than the hand. The gap between the fingers and the top of the glove should be at least ¼ inch. A gap of a whole inch or more – this is a bust, which will negatively affect the convenience during the game.

For example, if the size is incorrect, the fingers can exert pressure on the latex glove material and lead to premature divergence or rupture of the joints.

Different variations of cut

Gloves of flat or traditional cuts consist of a single layer of flat foam and have a freer fit, having a rectangular shape and outer seams.

Gloves contour cut has a so-called “coiled” design, in which the seams go along the contours of the fingers. Such a cut provides a tight fit and much more contact surface with the ball.

With the reverse cut, the seam is hidden inside the prints. These gloves sit most tightly and will be an excellent option for female goalkeepers and men with small hands.

Hybrid football gloves combine several options, with the combination usually being a contour cut with a flat or reverse cut.

Durability of goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeepers always play with gloves, so before you buy them, you should determine their longevity. To extend the life of gloves, you can buy two pairs – one for training, and the second for official matches.

On average, gloves are enough for 15 matches, depending on how you take care of them and your playing style. After that, they should be used only in training.

It is best to buy one pair of gloves for training, and the second one for games, but it all depends on the budget that you have.

Having figured out in sizes and types of cut, it’s time to buy one or two pairs of gloves.

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