Create Your Cool Space: 4 Outdoor Patio Ideas To Beat The Heat

Even if you have a patio or deck with fresh air blowing through, you’re probably still going to be warm in the summer months.

Instead of staying inside all day and evening, there are a few tips that you can use to beat the heat while sitting on your patio. Before making any changes to the structure or adding any permanent details, make a plan that includes what you need and want along with the budget that you have to work with.

Cover The Patio

One of the ways that you can add shade to the patio area, which will keep it cooler, is to add a roof. The roof will block out the sun, preventing the patio from getting too hot even in the middle of summer. It will also help to keep the harsh sunlight away so that you can read, spend time on the phone or talk to family and friends without squinting all the time. The covered area can be extended further with an awning.


If you have an enclosed patio, then install shutters to keep the sun from shining on the porch during certain times of the day. This will help to keep the temperature lower for when you do want to sit on the patio. A professional company, like Shutterflex, can come to the home and measure for the length and width so that the proper shutters can be installed. Consider lighter colors that will reflect the sunlight instead of darker colors that tend to absorb the light, which can keep the patio a bit warmer.

Build A Wall

Although it will likely take an additional amount of money, building a wall can help to block out the sun. You need to build the wall in an area so that it’s tall enough to keep the sun from shining on your patio. If you don’t have enough funds for a brick wall, then consider a hedge or a tall fence.


A ceiling fan on a patio can keep everyone comfortable. It won’t be cold like an air conditioner would be, but it will offer a relaxing environment so that you can enjoy time outside. The fan can circulate the fresh air from the outdoors, and if you keep a back door open, the fan can push fresh air through the home.

Combining a patio and a few other items can give you a relaxing atmosphere during the summer months. Some ideas might require the help of a professional company, but the work and effort will be worth the comfort that you’ll have in place. Once your patio is cool, enjoy time with your family and friends.

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