Why Destination Weddings are the Craze Right Now

Destination weddings are on the rise. In fact, one out of every four weddings is a destination wedding of some type.

The excitement around destination weddings is understandable as the experience fulfills a lot of fantasies. You can go wherever you want, which allows you to control a lot of the factors surrounding the actual ceremony, like the climate, the views, and the decorations.

Why Destination Weddings are the Craze Right Now

There are several kinds of destination weddings with most including a few family members and close friends, while others are elaborate parties with several people involved.

The travel industry has recognized the opportunity that exists with destination weddings. Wedding hot spots offer several different packages for couples looking to wed in a specific, popular destination. That allows for opportunities not often available with more traditional-style weddings.

Here are the reasons so many people are choosing to have destination weddings.

You Get a Chance to Escape Family Drama

Let’s admit it – every family has at least one crazy uncle. Destination weddings allow you to bring along only the people you want at your wedding. If they are likely to be a source of drama, they probably won’t make the list.

Since you are off to a distant destination, you won’t have to explain to uninvited people why they were not included. They already know that the list of the invitees has to be small. This reduces the possibility of unnecessary drama.

Cost of Reception Drops Tremendously

Every opportunity to save money is always welcome – especially when you are dealing with an affair as expensive as a wedding. Since your reception will not be as big as a normal wedding, you will have a much cheaper reception and it will be at a much cooler place than it would have been had you wed at home.

An Early Start to Your Honeymoon

You have two options when you wed at a vacation spot – have your honeymoon there or bounce off to another destination. Whatever your decision, your honeymoon will be long and fun as it will start even before your wedding.

Another unexpected benefit to having a wedding at an awesome vacation spot is that you can always come back to vacation at the same spot when marking your anniversaries.

It is Neutral Ground

A destination wedding eliminates all discussions about whether to have the wedding at the groom’s or at the bride’s hometown. Since one family is bound to travel anyway if you choose to have the wedding in either of your hometowns, the concern of subjecting family members to travel for the destination wedding won’t be a point of contention.

Family members are always happy for you when you achieve major milestones and they will be happy to travel to see you start a new life with the person you love.

You’ll Make Better Connections

With a small guest list, your guests will have more time to interact with everyone in the group. This will lead to more meaningful connections and relationships. Further, you won’t be all over your feet trying to meet the demands of everyone on the wedding day as people will probably have settled in at the destination a day or two before the wedding day.

Experiences and Memories

No one wants a normal wedding. Everyone wants their wedding to be that showstopper that family members get to talk about for the rest of the year.

Besides the chance to travel and experience a holiday destination, you get to have a lot of family members around one another on neutral ground with no pressure on either side.

Easier to Plan and Price

A destination wedding can be made into an elaborate ceremony because the infrastructure will already be there. This is especially true if you have your wedding at an all-inclusive resort that caters to wedding or honeymooning couples.

The Caribbean, for example, has some of the best resorts in the world and some of them host several luxurious weddings every year. Just make sure you take note of whether it’s a family all-inclusive or an adults-only all-inclusive. If your wedding party includes children, this will be important.

These packages are usually laid out and priced in a way that is easy to understand. These resorts are used to this. It takes a huge burden off the planning process, and you’ll have a better idea of what exactly you’ll be spending, as it will already be priced out.

Best Wedding Photos Ever

If you don’t capture your special moment, it will be like it never happened. Photos and videos allow you to relive your most precious moments whenever you want.

With a destination wedding, you get to have the most beautiful backdrops for your wedding. If you want to have the wedding photographs that look like they were taken out of a bridal magazine, you should start researching the top wedding destinations right now.

Less Money Spent on Design

Wedding destinations handle a lot of weddings and most of the things needed to support wedding design and décor will already be in place when you arrive. This means that you will spend relatively less money on design and décor.

Best Wedding Destinations

With the many awesome wedding destinations that will be begging for your attention, choosing the right destination will definitely not be easy. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your tastes and what you and your partner really want out of your wedding. It’s your big day and no one but the two of you should make the decision.

That said, there are several time tested destinations. The Caribbean stands out as one of the best. Aruba, Jamaica, St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic have some of the most beautiful couple’s resorts in the world. If you want to stay in the United States, Florida and Hawaii are your best bet. You can also go to exotic destinations such as Italy and Greece.

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