How to pick a Hammock?

How to Pick a Hammock?

While you are on holiday and specially on camping, you would definitely miss the comfort of being on bed. In that case, what can be better comfortable than hammock? Hammock can prove out to be a perfect utility for relaxing. Choosing hammock over mat has many advantages. As the hammock is suspended, it saves us from insects and other dangerous creatures. It also protects us from floor moisture, dirt and dust.

The suspended hammock can be relaxing only when it offers quality. Sometimes it can be extremely uncomfortable to relax on hammock. In order to avoid this, here are some points that one can ponder before picking up a hammock.

How to Buy a Hammock of your Choice?

There are various factors that are needed to be examined before buying like dimension, types, weight, weight afforded, usage type and many more. Some of them are mentioned below:

· Dimensions: It depends mostly on the person but a width of 4-6 feet is mostly considered while a length of 8-12 feet is considered.

· Suspension System: Suspension System includes webbing straps which should be at least 0.75 inches wider so that they don’t injure the tree. Synthetic tree slings and nylon ropes. Nylon ropes should not be much elasticized in order to keep healthy distance from the ground when weighted. Prefer hammocks that have good number of attachments.

· Weight Capacity: You can choose depending on your weight. If you want to accommodate another person along with you on the hammock then choose the one which is heavier and stronger. Usually, capacity ranges from 150-500 pounds. If you are on camping and you have to travel long distance, then light weighted hammocks would be preferred.

· Weight of the Hammock: It comes with various ranges from 7-15 ounces. Your choice should depend on the nature of your holiday. If you have to travel longer distance while carrying it, then you should prefer lighter one or vice versa. In case you weight heavier, choose strong and heavy hammock.

· Features in Hammock: Different hammocks provide different facilities. If you are on your summer trip then choose the hammock which can provide sufficient air supply. Nylon equipped hammocks with nets are cooler in summer.

Types of Hammocks:

Basically there are four types of hammocks. They are;

1. Rope Hammocks: They are mostly designed for hot summer climate. Mostly made from cotton and polyester, rope hammocks provide sufficient gaps in order to make relaxation comfortable.

2. Fabric Hammocks: They are mostly used in winters as they provide insulation and are comfortable.

3. Camping Hammocks: They are mostly used in camping and are light weighted, easy to carry and comfortable.

4. Hammock Chairs and Breeze: Preferable for single person, it can be used in summer evenings in order to enjoy the cooling breeze.

Hammocks for Camping:

On the way to camping to enjoy natural views, one should care to choose the perfect hammock. It should be noted that the hammock has sufficient clips, strings and accessories to mend it in the way preferred. Make sure that hammock has sufficient protection from bugs and other creatures. Also, the hammock should protect you from unexpected rain and only then it can make your journey blissful.

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