Travel: A mountainous train ride in ooty

Many may have gone to feed. But did you go to the mountain train? Ooty travel and mountain rail travel can offer different experiences. It is one of the most excellent four mountain trains in India.

The Nilgiris Mountain Train, which was created 108 years ago, continues to be a journey to the present day! It crosses 16 mines and 250 bridges within 45.8 kilometers of travel. Without being able to turn our attention to this for five hours, it takes care of itself to be full of attention. If you turn your attention on the phone, you will fail to see the sparks and soft water trails.

12 stops from  Mettupalayam to feed. The train stops for a few minutes to watch all the scenes in the camera and to drink hot tea. When you go to feed or return, you need at least once in a mountain train. Half the beauty of the nourishment can be seen on this journey!

How to go

Those from Chennai can go to Nilgiris Express till Mettupalayam.  From Coimbatore you can choose Ooty taxi service to ride.

Mountain Rail should be booked in advance. 5 hours a day from 7 am to 12 noon. (Maybe 2 hours at bus). Train at 2 noon to reach Mettupalayam from OOty. 4 hour trip. Train can be used in some way. Each stop has clean washroom facilities.


Train service can be stopped during heavy rains. Rain, tree, elephant interrupts the train. Only after the removal will continue the journey.

Mountain train fee?

First class is 500 rupees. Second class 250 rupees.

Places to visit

There are also other beautiful and beautiful places like the Sims Park, Lamb’s Rock, Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, Botanical Gardens, Bikara Falls, doddabetta peak, Tea Museum and many more … Not to worry Ooty travels will guide you to each and every places.


When can I go?

The people are invading the city during the harsh period such as March, April, May and June. With great crowds, the cooling of the nourishment cools and wakes up there. There is also a long line of time to wait. Those who want to see the nutrient and the nutrient are able to choose between July and August. The cold winter, the middle of the rain, will be pleasant.

Where to stay

There are numerous hotels in Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri. If you leave the city, the fee will be reduced. In July, August, except for the season, the fee will be reduced by half.


The famous vegetarian and vegetarian restaurants are available.

What can buy

Woolen clothes, odd class, various biscuits, chocolates, tea powder, coffee powder, honey, spices, herbal remedies, mountain fruit, vegetables, bouquets.

Need to carry it?

Sweater sweets, camera and umbrella to capture the beauty of  Nilgiris.



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